Thursday, 10 December 2009

A Very Big Smile

I've just gotten back from a huge winter/Christmas fair in Hyde Park, which was Oh My God amazing! I loved it so much. It was a German fair so all the signs were German, the stalls were made out of wood & looked like those little wooden homes you see pictures of in snow covered forests somewhere like Canada. They had sweets, rides, beer, bars, wooden ties, giant prezels & much more I didn't get the chance to see as it was so big (I was with Richard & others who headed straight for the bar, surprise surprise). I went on one of those rides which is basically a huge tower with seats around it that lifts you up & drops you. I was apparently the tallest in the world & I got the best view of London I've had so far whilst riding it. My throat felt a bit raw after from screaming (in delight, not fear), & me & Richard couldn't stop laughing about it. Sadly, I didn't have time to buy a big bag of pick & mix sweets, which is all the more reason to go again! Which I will be, this Sunday. Woop woop!
Anyway, other good things that happened to me today:
I handed in some draft work of a website we have to make to one of my teachers who said other that a little tidying up around the edges, it was great & could actually hand it in as it is & get a good grade (but I'll tidy it anyway, for an even better one), & that I'm ahead of most others in my class.
Also, whilst waiting for the crappy shuttle bus to get from Uni to Oakwood tube station, my friend James from Halls came up to me & offered to give me a lift down there since he was going in that direction (which I took). What a little sweetheart!
& finally, I got a very funny Christmas card from my Mum in the post with a picture of a cat hung up as a decoration with faerie wings. She put inside that she was thinking of trying that with our three cats. Now that I'd like a picture of!

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