Monday, 7 December 2009

He Might Be An Idiot For Hurting Himself, But A Least He's Alive

About a week/week & a half ago, my stupid friend Lee managed to trap a nerve in his leg over a £4 bet (seriously man, £4?! You should a least held out for a tenner). This weekend he went to pick up the results for an x-ray he had on his hip & they said he's fine, which is always good.
In other news: as sad as it may sound, I always feel a little happier when I've finished/made good progress to any work I need to do, & today I've almost finished (just need a conclusion now). Once that's done I can do my more interesting assessment work, like a news article on a theft that happened in my halls the other week (luckily not my flat). I have to laugh though; I'm writing about a theft, my friend Richard on my course (also living in my halls) is writing about a fire that happened here, what on earth is our marker going to think about this place?! All we need now here is a rape & a murder. (I'll be staying indoors for a while, just so you know.)

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