Tuesday, 22 December 2009

The House Might Be Cold, But I Have A Furry Lap Warmer

It's amazing, my kitten Jinx, who used to be scared of her own shadow, has gotten brave enough to actually sit on my lap. I feel so loved!
It's a little odd (& cold) at home, but I'm getting used to it. Tilly came over yesterday to see me & swap presents with me & Emily. I had to laugh, he & Emily both got each other the new Mighty Boosh Live DVD. I got him a Dr Pepper t-shirt (because that's all he ever drinks & I thought it would make him laugh) & he said it was "epic" which is quite a compliment coming from him. He also get me a top, but Jesus! I swear it's just a bit of net. Admittedly it didn't look so revealing on, but I will only be wearing it whilst clubbing, not out around town (especially not in this whether! The snow is still holding on strong).
Lord, I had to drive in the snow today, for the first time ever. I didn't crash & die, so I must have been doing something right.
I spoke to Adam & we are going around Tilly's with Emily on Wednesday. Me & Emily are going to try & set him up with one of Emily's friends (who is, confusingly, also called Emily). This should be interesting!

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