Friday, 18 December 2009


Ok, maybe technically not as Uni wasn't cancelled (I went in & handed in my worked, glad that's done!) but it's finally snowing! I love snow! Me & Jonny made snow angels, I ganged up on him with Lauren & a load of snow balls & convinced Lee to come out & freeze his hands. I felt five again!   
As our it was our last night together in halls till the New Year, me, Jonny & Lauren had Chinese together & Jonny made a lovely speech (for once without taking the piss out of anyone!). It was very sweet.
Lee was also sweet enough to come see me yesterday as I was texting him at 1am Tuesday when I felt like shit & he wanted to cheer me up (it worked). I feel really guilty though as he got me a present, but I didn't think we were going to get each other anything so I didn't get him one. Still, that was so nice of him.
Oh I don't want to leave!
But I can't wait to go home, help Mum make Christmas cakes & hang out with my sister Emily (I feel like I haven't seen her for years!). It's so odd, I feel like I've been in London for ages, but whenever I tell myself that Christmas is only a week away it doesn't sound right.
It's been a great day, & I can't wait to come back & see everyone. But I'm going home! Woo!
I have zero fears or doubts about my life in Uni now. & next year is going to be fucking fantastic!

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