Sunday, 13 December 2009

Never Try To Shop In London On A Saturday This Near To Christmas!

Not if you want to be able to move properly & see everything. I had a good day though, found my Mum a weird but funky present. Also got myself a beautiful journal from a stall in Covent Gardens & showed Lee Camden, helping him get his sister a present. It was good to spend the day with someone I can talk so easily to, & finally have someone I can talk to about history! (& by history I mean talk about how Britain didn't need the USA to win WWII, coming up better tactics for Nazi German that would helped them not lose the war & agree how scary Russia really is.)
After shopping, I was finally able put down my heavy bags & hang out with Jonny & Lauren who were watching the X Factor finals (woo, not), chatting & watching Jonny do stupid dances (as usual).
Good times ^-^

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