Sunday, 6 December 2009

I Have Found The Best Club In London!

  Me & my friend Lee went to a club in Camden called The Electric Ballrom Friday night/Saturday morning & I think I've fallen in love. I am definately going back there as soon as I can. (So many hot goth boys!...*drools*)
  Now I know that this next thing shouldn't make me smile, & makes me sound like a mean bitch, but it was his own fault to begin with: I also found out that not long ago my arse of ex-boyfriend managed to run over his own foot with his motorbike (which, I might add, he never bothered to have lessons for, insisting he could "figure it all out" himself, just because he didn't want/couldn't afford to pay for them). But his roommate/a very close friend of mine told me that my ex can't work properly with a broken foot, so can't keep up with his rent, bills, ect, is in a fair bit of debt anyway so now is moving back in with his parents. So Mr. "I Can Handle The Real World, Just Watch Me" couldn't even last a year on his own. My God how I laughed. I couldn't help thinking "what a loser!" & was glad this happened after we had broken up. I mean, how fucking stupid do you have to be to run yourself over?!
  I would however like to say that I only find this so funny because it was completely his own fault. Had someone else run over his foot, or it was a different or more serious accident, I honestly would have felt sorry for him (or at least sorrier). But I can't help; he broke my heart not too long ago & it's nice to see him in a bit of pain too, even if it's physical & not emotional. I also find it funny as I always knew, even when I was in love with him, that he was arrogant. This just goes to show that nature (or karma, or whatever you want to call it) doesn't like arrogance, especially when you're only 18 & think the world owes something to you greatness & all you've done in life (like fail all your exams & get kicked out of school/6th form).
  Well done Alex, & thank you for making my day.

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